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Birthday Musings

At the beach one afternoon, my sister-in-law Suzanne (married to my artist brother James) watching me stuff more flotsam and jetsam into my bulging pockets, laughed to a friend: “You know, they just can’t help themselves!”

The fact is, we are both chronically obsessed with the wonder of small things and also with constantly searching for the larger forces that link them. So in this spirit I offer up this photograph I took in that wonder of wonders, Venice. As usual, I’m more interested in a small part of the whole scene, because there I can study pure form. It is really a spiritual act. I no longer care that it is buildings and sky reflected. I care about the play of the light, and the resonance of the depths that the light veils. To me this image says it all about how I can wear the many hats of singer, actress, poet and visual artist. Is it not equally a song or a poem or the story of a life?

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